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Treasury provides advice on economic conditions and the outlook; advice on the implications of economic developments for macroeconomic policy; advice on fiscal and monetary policy; and advice on labour market issues.

Treasury also provides strategic advice on international economic policy issues; advances Australia's interests through the international financial institutions (IFIs) and in international forums; advances Australia's interests in key IFI programme countries; and monitors and analyses economic developments in key global economies.


Economic RoundUp

Copies of Economic Roundup can be purchased through our publications supplier.

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Treasury Macroeconomic (TRYM) Model

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Other Publications

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Joint Economic Forecasting Group

To help inform public discussion and debate, Treasury has decided to release reports of the Joint Economic Forecasting Group (JEFG) Committee, after a period of 2½ years, starting with the March quarter 2008 Report.

The Joint Economic Forecasting Group (JEFG) Committee consists of Treasury, the Reserve Bank of Australia, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the Department of Finance and Deregulation and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The committee meets three times a year to discuss the domestic and global outlook. In addition, an informal update round is conducted in June. A JEFG Report is prepared by Treasury in consultation with the other partners and is provided to the Treasurer, the Prime Minister and the committee members. The report provides Treasury's assessment of the domestic and global outlook, including its revised economic forecasts.

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Press Releases

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Economic Data and Official Forecasts

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