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Economic Roundup Winter 2005


Thursday, 1 September 2005

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The Winter 2005 edition of the Economic Roundup contains the following articles in PDF and RTF formats:
  • Fiscal Sustainability and Prefunding
  • Health Promotion
  • Net tax thresholds for Australian families
  • Tax system complexity and compliance costs — some theoretical considerations
  • Key themes from the Treasury Business Liaison Programme — July and August 2005

Documents Available:

Acrobat (PDF) documents

 Acrobat (PDF)

Economic Roundup Winter 2005 - Full Document  624.64kb
Preliminaries  55.26kb
Fiscal Sustainability and prefunding  125.47kb
Health Promotion  309.56kb
Net tax thresholds for Australian families  146.66kb
Tax system complexity and compliance costs — some theoretical considerations  136.18kb
Key themes from the Treasury Business Liaison Programme — July and August 2005  67.28kb
Sources of economic data  62.12kb
Past editions  37.89kb

HTML documents


Preliminaries  2.75kb
Fiscal Sustainability and prefunding  32.16kb
Health Promotion  89.27kb
Net Tax Thresholds for Australian families  29.56kb
Tax Complexity and Compliance  36.71kb
Business Liaison Summary July and August  12.49kb
Sources of economic data  3.60kb
Past editions  3.32kb

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