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Submissions: Criminal Penalties for Serious Cartel Conduct – Draft Legislation


Tuesday, 4 March 2008

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Treasury has received a number of submissions regarding Criminal Penalties for Serious Cartel Conduct – Draft Legislation.  The submissions that do not contain confidential material are listed below and are accessible by selecting the author.  The closing date for submissions was 29 February 2008, however, Treasury notes that some submissions received later will be posted as soon as they are available.

Documents Available:

Acrobat (PDF) documents

 Acrobat (PDF)

Ms Bernice Finlayson [Received 12/02/2008]  13.87kb
The Finer Detail Australia Pty Ltd [Received 18/02/2008]  13.34kb
Mr Evan Whitton [Received 19/02/2008]  49.82kb
Tasmanian Forest Contractors Association [Received 25/02/2008]  128.38kb
Leighton Holdings Ltd [Received 29/02/2008]  485.67kb
Fair Trading Coalition [Received 29/02/2008]  200.90kb
Dr Christine Parker [Received 29/02/2008]  418.41kb
Australian Constructors Association [Received 29/02/2008]  1,113.46kb
Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers [Received 29/02/2008]  671.89kb
Chartered Secretaries Australia [Received 29/02/2008]  88.63kb
Ms Julie Clarke [Received 29/02/2008]  129.27kb
Consumer Action Law Centre [Received 29/02/2008]  146.31kb
Maurice Blackburn Pty Ltd [Received 04/03/2008]  141.83kb
Australian Bankers’ Association [Received 04/03/2008]  36.95kb
Mr Julian Joshua and Professor Christopher Harding [Received 05/03/2008]  139.77kb
Speed and Stracey Lawyers [Received 05/03/2008]  2,390.01kb
Law Council of Australia Trade Practices Committee [Received 06/03/2008]  510.17kb
Law Council of Australia National Criminal Law Liaison Committee [Received 06/03/2008]  380.22kb
American Bar Association [Received 07/03/2008]  119.44kb
Dr Caron Beaton-Wells and Mr Brent Fisse [Received 07/03/2008]  757.77kb
Business Council of Australia [Received 07/03/2008]  1,811.07kb
Clayton Utz [Received 07/03/2008]  89.42kb
Blake Dawson [Received 07/03/2008]  1,112.81kb
Australian Industry Group [Received 10/03/2008]  58.52kb
Maurice Blackburn Pty Ltd - Supplementary [Received 12/03/2008]  83.29kb
International Bar Association Anti-Trust Committee [Received 13/03/2008]  220.18kb

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