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Treasury Macroeconomic (TRYM) Model Macroeconomics


Thursday, 6 December 2001

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This volume is intended to make the Treasury macroeconomic (TRYM) model more accessible by providing an overview of how the model works and how to interpret model results. It contains: (1) a description of the overall structure of the model and a summary of its main relationships; (2) a brief description of sectors and markets embodied in TRYM; (3) a brief introduction to the intuition behind the model results drawing on standard macroeconomic theory; (4) a discussion of how the model relates to some standard macroeconomic propositions; and (5) an explanation of the uses and limitations of the model.

Documents Available:

Acrobat (PDF) documents

 Acrobat (PDF)

Treasury Macroeconomic (TRYM) Model Macroeconomics   261.39kb

HTML documents


Treasury Macroeconomic (TRYM) Model Macroeconomics Summary  5.85kb

Microsoft Word (RTF) documents

 Microsoft Word (RTF)

Treasury Macroeconomic (TRYM) Model Macroeconomics   1,181.42kb

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The Treasury Macroeconomic (TRYM) model of the Australian economy has been developed within the Commonwealth Treasury of Australia. For 25 years, Treasury has developed and maintained models of the Australian macroeconomy. Over this period the modelling work has been a rich source of research, …
Treasury Macroeconomic (TRYM) Model Documentation - 6/12/2001
This documentation provides the technical detail of the equations and identities TRYM model. It is divided into six parts, representing the different decision units and markets modelled in TRYM.
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