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Economic Roundup Summer 2008


Saturday, 8 March 2008

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The Summer 2008 edition of the Economic Roundup contains the following articles in PDF and HTML formats:

  • Venture capital in Australia  
  • Measuring entrepreneurship  
  • A perspective on trends in Australian Government spending  
  • Australian household net worth  
  • William Lyne: social reformer  
  • What's new on the Treasury website  
  • Sources of economic data
  • Past editions of Economic Roundup 

Please note that the numbering designation for issues of Economic Roundup has now changed.

  • Summer 2008 - was the last issue to include a seasonal designation and should be identified as: Summer 2008 [Issue 1].
  • Issue 2, 2008 - will be the first issue to only have a numerical designation.

Documents Available:

Acrobat (PDF) documents

 Acrobat (PDF)

Economic Roundup Summer 2008 - Consolidated  621.13kb
Preliminaries  74.26kb
Venture capital in Australia  113.10kb
Measuring entrepreneurship  116.75kb
A perspective on trends in Australian Government spending  212.03kb
Australian household net worth  86.51kb
William Lyne: social reformer  117.05kb
What's new on the Treasury website  77.51kb
Sources of economic data  40.73kb
Past editions of Economic Roundup  48.24kb

HTML documents


Preliminaries  2.46kb
Venture capital in Australia  25.33kb
Measuring entrepreneurship  27.77kb
A perspective on trends in Australian Government spending  39.44kb
Australian household net worth  13.78kb
William Lyne: social reformer  24.82kb
What's new on the Treasury website  4.92kb
Sources of economic data  4.35kb
Past editions of Economic Roundup  3.37kb

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