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Minister for Revenue and Assistant Treasurer Release No. 26 2003 - Taxation of Foreign Hybrids


Tuesday, 8 April 2003

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Changes to the taxation treatment of certain foreign hybrid business entities have been announced by the Minister for Revenue and Assistant Treasurer, Senator Helen Coonan, to rule out such unintended consequences as double taxation and inhibiting overseas expansion of Australian companies.

The new rules are of a technical nature and are provided in more detail as an attachment to this media release on the Treasury website at www.treasury.gov.au.

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This document is an external resource and can be viewed in a new browser window by following the link to http://assistant.treasurer.gov.au/atr/content/pressreleases/2003/026.asp.

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Minister for Revenue and Assistant Treasurer Release No. 26 2003 - Attachment - 8/04/2003
Attachment relating to the Minister for Revenue & Assistant Treasurer's media release CO26/03. This document details the new tax rules affecting foreign hybrids.

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