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Press Release No. 3 2005 - Indicative Tax Cut Calculator


Tuesday, 10 May 2005

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This press release provides a link to an indicative tax cut calculator.

The calculator is for the tax cuts in 2005-06 and in 2006-07 compared with tax payable on the same income in 2004-05.

The calculator provides an estimate of the tax saving for most tax payers (including the effect of the low income tax offset where applicable). It does not cover the tax cuts for people in special circumstances such as those eligible for the Senior Australians Tax Offset, other offsets, or for people who are not subject to the normal tax scales.

Documents Available:

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Press Release No. 3 2005 - Indicative Tax Cut Calculator  1.58kb

Microsoft Excel (XLS) documents

 Microsoft Excel (XLS)

Tax Cut Calculator  20.00kb

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