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Treasury Annual Report 2007-2008


Tuesday, 28 October 2008

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The Treasury Annual Report 2007-08 outlines performance against outcomes, outputs and performance information contained in the Portfolio Budget Statements 2007-08.

The 2007-08 annual report includes the reporting requirements and financial accounts for the Australian Government Actuary and the Foreign Investment Review Board. The financial accounts for the Financial Reporting Panel and the Takeovers Panel are included in this report, however, the performance reporting does not extend to the activities of the Financial Reporting Panel or the Takeovers Panel as they publish their own annual reports.

Part 1 of this report includes a summary of significant issues and developments during 2007-08, and an overview of the Treasury’s performance. The departmental overview in Part 1 details the Treasury’s role and functions, senior management structure, organisational structure and Treasury portfolio structure.

Part 2 of the report provides an analysis of performance against the Treasury’s policy outcomes. A review of the Executive and Parliamentary Division, and Corporate Services Group performance also is provided in Part 2.

Part 3 reports on management and accountability issues as required under the annual report guidelines.

Part 4 presents the audited financial statements of the Treasury as required under the annual report guidelines.

Part 5 of the report, appendices, includes other information as required under the annual report guidelines.

The report concludes with a list of abbreviations and acronyms and an index to the report.

Documents Available:

Acrobat (PDF) documents

 Acrobat (PDF)

Treasury Annual Report 2007-2008 - Full Document  3,271.38kb
Preliminaries and Introduction  129.94kb
Part 1: Overview  275.19kb
Part 2: Report on Performance  545.46kb
Part 3: Management and Accountability  307.95kb
Part 4: Financial statements  819.42kb
Part 5: Appendices  279.47kb
Abbreviations and Acronyms  250.09kb
Index  71.74kb

HTML documents


Preliminaries and Introduction  5.68kb
Part 1: Overview  28.56kb
Part 2: Report on Performance  1.79kb
- Outcome 1: Sound macroeconomic environment  50.49kb
- Outcome 2: Effective government spending arrangements  41.87kb
- Outcome 3: Effective taxation and retirement income arrangements  51.90kb
- Outcome 4: Well functioning markets  80.57kb
- Executive and Parliamentary Division and Corporate Services Group  7.93kb
Part 3: Management and Accountability  104.53kb
Part 4: Financial statements  9.42kb
Part 4: Financial statements (continued)  87.84kb
Part 5: Appendices  58.08kb
Abbreviations and Acronyms  4.87kb

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