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Further Help

If the following information does not help you, or if you are having accessibility issues, please contact the Webmaster for assistance.


The documents on this website have, where possible, been published in Portable Document Format (PDF) and Rich Text Format (RTF) for viewing and printing, as well as in HTML for online viewing.

The best way to download a large document is to save it to your own computer:

  1. right-click on the link
  2. select "Save target as…" or similar
  3. open the document from the location you select

Before downloading a document you should note the file size as large files can take some time to download.

Adobe PDF

Applications such as the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe are required to view PDF documents.

The PDF’s on this website are compatible with PDF 1.3 used in Adobe Acrobat 4.0 and later. If you are using an earlier version of Acrobat the PDF file may not open in which case you will need to install Adobe Acrobat 4.0 or later.

Text Size

To assist the visually impaired, the Treasury website allows its users to set the size of their viewing font.

If the font appears too small, your browser may be set to the smallest viewing font.

In Internet Explorer, you can adjust the viewing size by selecting the ‘View’ menu and choosing ‘Text Size’. The ‘Medium’ setting will be comfortable reading for most users. Similar functionality is available in other browsers, such as Netscape and Mozilla, under the ‘View’ menu.

A simple search strategy

The best strategy for searching on the Treasury website is to start with a single keyword. Then, if there are too many irrelevant documents listed, add more keywords to refine the list (by default, only documents containing all of the search terms are displayed).

The Treasury keyword search does not accept special characters such as:

  • full stops
  • brackets
  • single quotes
  • apostrophes
  • commas
  • ampersands
  • semi-colons
  • colons
  • + plus signs (use and between words for an AND search)
  • / or \ signs
  • hyphens
  • $ dollar signs
  • ? question marks
  • % percentage signs

Advanced techniques

The following techniques can improve your searching:

Phrase searches
List results containing an exact phrase by putting double quotes around the phrase, for example, audit reform
‘And’ searches
You can also specify this explicitly by typing ‘and’ between each term. For example, Article and IV
Document type searches
You can choose to search for a particular type of document by selecting an item from the classification dropdown list. For example, media releases about the Economic Roundup publication.
Date range searches
Dates can be entered — in DD/MM/YYYY format — to limit the documents found to those published between two dates. For example, documents published in November 2001 would be 01/11/2001 - 30/11/2001. You can also search for documents released before or after a specific date by leaving the first or second date field blank.

Note: The Treasury website searches keywords associated with a document, not the full text of the document itself. This type of search returns only the most the relevant documents, so there are less for you to sort through.

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